Our Services

01/ Wheel Alignment

Better gas mileage.
More mileage out of your tyres.
Tyre warranties still apply.
Less wear and tear on other parts.
Easier to drive.

02/Tyre Fitting

Good tyre fitting is needed to ensure tyre's life and it also prevents wheels from getting scratched with correct procedure and equipment. We ensure your tyre gets fit in best possible way.

03/Corner Weighting

Corner Weighting involves adjusting the weight balance of the vehicle, there should be proper gap in between whilst mid race applications. In an ideal world the car will have 50/50 split of weight, and all things being equal it will handle corners at the best of its ability.

04/Guard Rolling

From your basic street car with bigger wheels, all the way through to full on drift spec setups. We have rolled 100's of guards on cars and will always do the best job we possibly can on your car! Today it's all about wheel fitment, as you push the limits of fitment further and further you will come across the problem of tyres rubbing on the inner guard of the car. By simply heating up the steel with a heat gun then using our special fender re-forming tool we can actually shape the steel up flat so that it won't pose a threat to your tyres.